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DQSI wins Tree Transplanting from Napolean Ave Neutral Ground between Claiborne Ave and Carondolet St to Samual Square Park

DQSI wins Tree Transplanting from Napolean Ave Neutral Ground between Claiborne Ave and Carondolet St to Samual Square Park

On September 8, 2009 DQSI was awarded a USACE Tree Transplanting contract. Work consisted of providing all plant, labor, equipment, materials and operations necessary for moving and replanting 24 Crape Myrtle trees with a 90” truck mounted tree spade and maintaining and guaranteeing that the trees will live for one year after transplanting.

USACE awards DQSI with a Wetlands Delineations Recovery Scanning Project

On July 14, 2009 USACE N.O. District awarded DQSI a Wetlands Delineations Recovery Scanning Project. DQSI provided all necessary labor, tools, equipment and materials (except for government-furnished parts) (GFP) to perform the following tasks: Scan approximately 42,000 files each containing on average 30 pages of various sizes and formats including ANSI size drawings, single and double sided black and white and color documents, and color photographs. A total of +/- 1,486,800 images were scanned to create one PDF file for each file. Each PDF file was indexed for searching purposes.

NOAA Awards DQSI with Seismic Digitization Contract

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) awarded DQSI with a contract to provide services for seismic digitization for the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC), a part of the U.S. Department of Commerce. The services includes scanning of mylar, sepia, and paper seismic sections, digitizing and filtering the SEG-Y files created, populating the EBCDIC SEG-Y headers with metadata, adding the navigation to each section and merging the seismic sections. This effort is coordinated with the U.S. Geological Survey to preserve critical seismic data on the Extended Contiential Shelf that is essential to our Nation’s strategic interest.

DQSI Performs Concrete Work for St. Benard Parish School Board

On March 18, 2009 DQSI was contracted by the St. Benard Parish School Board to remove, repair and pour concrete walkways and sidewalks at N.P. Trist Middle School, in Meraux. LA. The concrete work consiststed of removing 807 sq. feet of 4” concrete slabs and form, pour, finish and clean up 2120 sq. feet of 4” concrete slabs, as well as pour stadium concrete pads at the athletic field.

DQSI Hosts USACE Mississippi River Freshwater Diversion Summit

USACE Commanding General Award for Excellence

DQSI provided support for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Mississippi River Freshwater Diversion Summit. The conference involved approximately 250 participants from government, industry, environmental organizations and academia. The conference was a three day event at  Bourbon Orleans Hotel in New Orleans, LA.

** DQSI received the President’s Award for Excellence by the Commanding General of the Mississippi Valley Division and the Mississippi River Commission for work on this contract.  The award was presented  by Brig. Gen. Michael Walsh, who serves as commander of the Army Corps of Engineers division that includes all of the Mississippi River and as president-designate of the Mississippi River Commission, which oversees levees and water projects on the river

USACE awards DQSI with Wetlands Investigation and Delineation Contract

DQSI performed wetland data collection and delineation of multiple sites for jurisdictional determinations and permit compliance inspections. The purpose was to identify the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) regulatory authority under Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act of March 3, 1899 (RHA), and/or Section 404 of the Clean Water Act (CWA). Sites were accessed by boat, aircraft, or vehicle, but  investigated and delineated by foot. DQSI furnished all materials, equipment, supplies, personnel, and all other services required to perform wetland investigations, delineations and compliance inspections. This work required coordination with CEMVN Regulatory Branch’s Surveillance and Enforcement Section for their approval of the contractor’s wetland delineation procedures and conclusions, or the appropriate Evaluation Section (East, Central or West) for compliance inspections.

DQSI Wins Contract to Construct NAVFAC Athletic Field, Tennis Courts, and Softball Diamond

On September 30, 2008 DQSI won a contract to construct  an athletic field including earthwork, storm drainage, grading, topsoil, grassing and goals/goal posts. Also included in this contract were irrigation service for main and yard hydrants, with pedestrian access. DQSI also installed scoreboards. 

The softball field, constructed included earthwork, skinned infield surfacing, storm drainage, grading, topsoil, and grassing. The field included fencing, pedestrian access, and irrigation service with main and yard hydrants. Also included was the  installation of government provided scoreboard.  The new facility included all work required to construct an Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA) size (300-foot plate to outfield fence) slow pitch softball field.

Construction of  tennis courts, included earthwork, grading, base, surfacing, fencing, lighting, surface markings, pedestrian access. Also included were access drive and parking, with ADA parking stalls, wheels, stops, storm drainage, and signs.  The new facility included all work required to construct two United States Tennis Association (USTA) tennis courts.


For Immediate Release
Friday, April 11, 2008

DQSI Corporation, a leading provider of computer and information technology services, will unveil its new product line, the DQSI Small Business Express, at the West St. Tammany Chamber’s Business Expo on May 7 at the Castine Center.
The DQSI Small Business Express incorporates technology that is already deployed in 100 percent of the Fortune 100 companies but has recently become affordable for small businesses.
Operating with VMware and the Blade Center, the system also allows for the installation of VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) telephone systems. Utilizing Wyse terminals, the Express is wireless, virtual, and easily transportable. Although fewer moving parts mean fewer system failures, the product line comes with a three‐year warranty to protect users.
In other words, the DQSI Small Business Express can meet the needs of virtually any company, regardless of its size or area of specialty.
“We’re very pleased to be participating in the Chamber Expo and to unveil this new product,” said DQSI President and CEO Dr. Shelly Stubbs. “Being the first IT service provider in this market to offer this technology at an affordable level for local businesses is an exciting development for us as a company and for the local business community.”
Business owners and operators are invited to visit the DQSI booth at the Expo from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Castine Center near Mandeville on May 7. Dr. Stubbs and other executives of the company will be on‐hand to demonstrate and explain the DQSI Small Business Express product. Those unable to attend the Expo can call DQSI at 985.871.7472.
“Whether you own a business already or are planning to start one, and whether your company has 1,000 employees or 10, the Small Business Express can meet your needs,” Stubbs said.

DQSI Wins St. Tammany Parish Sherriff’s Office Voice Over IP (VOIP) Contract

In 2008 St. Tammany Parish Sherriff’s Office awarded DQSI to VOIP solution. DQSI built the infrastructure to transparently network all their voice applications over their fiber network.

DQSI  followed the system design and architecture to be capable of accommodating the developing trends and technologies of the telecommunications industry so that the St. Tammany Parish Sheriffs Office can enjoy and deploy new and improved features and services as they become needed and/or desired.  For ease of support and maintenance, all features and functions were integrated with the VOIP telephony system and not made available through third party applications.

MMS Awards DQSI with Geo-Referencing, Scanning, & Data Capture Contract

In September 2007, MMS awarded DQSI with a contract  provide the MMS Gulf of Mexico Region (GOMR), RE with an open ended service contract for scanning hard copy documents (if required) and geo-referencing digital images. RE generated thousands of hard copy and digital files documenting the decisions made over the past decades.  To support RE strategic mission DQSI imaged hard copy documentation and made digital files usable and easily accessible to employees and management in order to accelerate business process cycle-time, increase productivity by making it easier to find and use information, allowing geoscientists to focus work on value added areas, providing real time information to support quick and reliable decisions making and effectively re-use interpreted data, thus saving critical resources.

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